Decibel Blue is a 13-year-old Public Engagement agency that helps real estate, retail, restaurant and wellness clients adapt their marketing strategies to a digital world. We offer public relations, social media, advertising, web, influencer and content marketing services that mold strategy and imagination into dynamic ideas focused on growth and a high return on investment. The firm has offices in Phoenix and Denver.

Many of our clients are national but our approach remains personal. We pride ourselves in taking care of our own team members, being easy to work with and being highly imaginative. We are casual, irreverent, loyal and steadfast in honoring our brand’s values. We are seeking a talented individual for a dedicated social media position:

The Job

Lead the development of social media strategies and campaigns that help achieve the marketing goals of our clients
Work collaboratively with team members on the creation of integrated marketing plans
Manage day-to-day activity of all relevant social media channels
Provide ideas on how to use social media in new and engaging ways – which means more than delivering “likes” and “follows”
Be a thought leader on social media advertising trends and techniques
Develop, manage and revise digital marketing campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and LinkedIn
Track, maintain and present performance/analytics to clients and managers on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis
Develop monthly reports on emerging social media trends to share with the entire Decibel Blue team
Analyze the long-term needs of Decibel Blue’s social media strategy, and offer quarterly reports to the partners that outline any necessary changes to the digital marketing plan.


Minimum 2+ years of experience in Social Media working in either an agency or high-volume marketing department
Have expert knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat and emerging social media platforms, as well as location-based/check-in services, Reputation Management and Community Management tools and Blogging Platforms
Look forward to growing in your role but are ready to roll up your sleeves, do the work, manage client relationships and get things done yourself
Demonstrated experience with nurturing online communities
A history of developing compelling cross-channel campaigns and editorial calendars
Understand that clients hire us to produce financial results. We create an ad, secure a newspaper article, send an email blast or attract 10 new fans but those are objectives, not bottom line goals
Knowledge of social media analytics and listening platforms
You don’t want or need to be micromanaged
A desire to stay current – not just on technology, but the world. The sophistication and diversity of the content you create is directly tied to how much you read
You love unpredictable days and won’t blink at juggling as many as 10 clients at a time
Comfortable with the expectations and pressure that come with the 24/7 responsibilities of managing retail accounts in multiple time zones
You genuinely enjoy being part of a team and sincerely value what makes working at Decibel Blue special

To apply, email:

Include your résumé, writing samples, screenshots or case studies demonstrating your work and salary requirements. All are required to be considered.

Many of our clients are national, but our approach remains personal. We pride ourselves on taking care of our own team members, being easy to work with and being highly imaginative and effective. We are fun, loyal, and steadfast in honoring our brand’s values. We are seeking a talented individual for a dedicated public relations position:

The Job

Acts as the right hand to the Director of Public Relations
Serves as the resident expert on assigned accounts, including a complete understanding of the competitive landscape and related subject matters for clients across a range of industries
Maintains regular client contact, with both exceptional verbal and written skills, to ensure effective strategy execution and reporting
Networks and cultivates relationships with journalists and influencers
Skilled at developing and pitching compelling, media-worthy stories to local, regional, national, and trade media
Possesses excellent copywriting skills (both long and short-form writing projects) and has a solid knowledge of AP style; writing projects will range from bylined contributing articles to content for social channels
Proactively pursues opportunities with journalists and social influencers alike to secure earned and owned media results
Strategizes outside of traditional media to create integrated campaigns for accounts that engage key audiences via social media, influencer activations, digital marketing, etc.
Adept at social networks and platforms, online community forums and social media PR tools (e.g. online newsroom)
Supports crisis communications and issues management
Responsible for developing creative, thoughtful and strategic initial plans for clients and new business prospects
Responds to last-minute and after-hour client needs
The right person will hit the ground running and will be a self-starter, quick learner and understand the importance of immediate success and results

The selected candidate will call upon a wide range of skills including:

Account Support/Management – Decibel Blue does not believe in abandoning our account team on a desert island. All of our accounts employ a team structure. Initially, you will be asked to support our core clients, with the opportunity to lead new accounts. The people who get promoted and receive raises at Decibel Blue sincerely believe in the power of a team. We win together and you don’t fail alone.
Vendor Coordination – Manage relationships with Decibel Blue’s partner vendors. Some are, uh, quirky. We love them all the same.
Social Media Support – Someone who not only understands the nuts and bolts of social media, but also is excited to think creatively and strategically about new ways to use those tools, beyond paying for promoted posts. Some of our clients expect fast responses so keep your phone charged.
Traffic – Work closely with Decibel Blue’s Integrated Marketing and Art directors to manage daily project workflow as it relates to PR accounts. Details matter. Deadlines matter. No joke.
Bonus – Experience in one or all the following industries: health/wellness, real estate, and retail.

Are you the perfect candidate?

You have the relationship and communications skills to work daily with the CEO of a $150 million national business and reassure them you’ve got it all under control. Even when you’re putting the finishing touches together.
You have a breadth of public relations experience and appreciate that a lot more goes into it than sending out a press release.
You are an exceptional writer. Not just poems and short stories, but media pitches, press releases, bylined articles, social media posts, client briefings and tight, clear business emails. And we expect writing samples to prove it. Spelling and grammatical errors are not well tolerated in a communications firm.
Previous agency experience is a huge plus. You must understand the importance and dynamics of balancing multiple client accounts and priorities, and feel comfortable working with challenges and under pressure.


Experience – 4+ years’ experience in public relations, with ideal candidates previously having worked in an agency.
Trainable – This is a unique position in an ever-evolving industry. So, continuing to learn, stay educated, and network within the PR industry is crucial.
Personable – Friendly and connects easily with people – and is memorable.  We are partners to our client, not just a vendor (yes, there is a difference).
Light-hearted – Someone who will bring levity to our workplace and culture. We see our team as family.
Perspective – Someone who has some life experience and can appreciate what makes Decibel Blue’s approach to managing people special. Being accountable is key.
Focused – Someone who is willing to deeply understand what makes our clients tick, and finding ways to add value to them that meet and exceeds their goals.
Confidence – Ability to effectively communicate both written and verbally to C-level executives/business owners.
Organized – Possess the skills necessary to balance multiple clients at once and manage work to consistently meet deadlines.

When can you start?

To apply, email: Include your résumé, writing samples, screenshots or case studies demonstrating your work and salary requirements. All are required to be considered.

What are the details?

Our culture is supportive, collaborative and as trite as it sounds, much like a family (the functional kind). We don’t take ourselves seriously but are very serious about our clients’ businesses. The Trainees are the backbone of our organization and embody everything we believe in.

How do I apply?

Send your resume and cover letter to Tell us why YOU belong at Decibel Blue. We don’t want to know about your classes or your great communication skills. If we wanted token answers, we’d hire your baby sister. DO say something interesting. Be memorable. Nothing impresses us more. Relax. Be yourself. Make it a conversation. Oh, and it helps if you ask what a Honey Bear is.

What can I expect?

If you want Mad Men, turn on your TV. Great Trainees understand that you don’t get anywhere in life without paying your dues. Answering phones, scanning articles, going to Costco, and making media drops at 5 a.m. wearing the Dunkin’ Donuts or NYPD Pizza mascot costumes, are some of the duties a typical “intern” has. And you will have them here. However, you will be groomed to act like a professional. How to write an effective email. How to handle delicate situations. You will be trained in marketing/advertising/public relations. The ins-and-outs of writing press releases, assembling editorial calendars, pitching reporters, helping clients, developing ad campaigns, using social media. And then some.

We see how you represent Decibel Blue and hear how you interact with our clients and friends. We are casual and like to have fun, but this is still a business. We don’t care if you have your Facebook page open, but deadlines better be met.

You have to earn that Decibel Blue credential on your resume. We don’t hand it out to just anyone. Real life experience is precious. We want you to have it here at Decibel Blue.

Who can a trainee be?

Thunderbird MBA’s, Cronkite students, career changers, freshmen, professional reporters and college dropouts have all joined the ranks of Decibel Blue Trainees.

And we have had nearly 200. 11 have gone on to have full-time positions with Decibel Blue. Many more work with agencies and companies in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, New York and San Diego.

What do I have to commit and what will I get?

We appreciate that the Program is unpaid and people are juggling jobs, families, class and obligations. The ideal time commitment is 15 to 20 hours a week. It takes awhile to learn the ins-and-outs, see accounts start up and campaigns roll out. Most importantly, you need to earn our trust before you will be assigned the more substantial and interesting projects. Whatever your time commitment, make it count instead of just sitting home and playing XBox. It’s your future, folks.

Anything else?

What you put into the Decibel Blue training program will determine what you take away. Work hard, have a great attitude and you will make friendships and professional connections you never imagined. Your resume bullet points will shame your competition in the job market.

We will work with you on your resume, cover letters and interviewing skills. Write recommendations. Cold call employers to sing your praises. We also belong to an international network of PR firms and have the capacity to open doors in dozens of cities around the world.

Once you join our team, you won’t say “you.” You’ll say “we”, you’ll Sound Loud, and you’ll be proud of it.

When can you start?

To apply, email: Include your résumé and writing samples. Both are required for consideration.